American Football is coming to Barnet and Southgate College in 2019

The BSC Sports team, who already run successful academies in athletics, basketball, boxing, football and tennishave developed a unique programme to give those wanting to play American Football the chance to develop their skills and knowledge of the game.

The BSC American Football Academy will coach learners aged between 16 to 18 years old (on August 31st of that academic year) studying at Barnet and Southgate College.

The Academy is partnering with Tony Allen, former NFL Director of Football for International Player Development.

Be part of BSC Bears and have access to:

  • A team of American Football coaching experts offering high quality coaching.
  • Personalised conditioning programmes for athletes and free use of the College's performance gym.
  • A team of physiotherapists, with clinic sessions.
  • Nike American Football team wear and leisurewear at no cost.
  • Playing equipment inclusive of helmets, pads and training wear
  • An opportunity to be NCAA eligible for US college acceptance.
  • American Football training at least 3 times per week, with video analysis and play reviews before each practice.

The programme will be run in partnership with a highly successful HEAD COACH - TONY ALLEN

Tony was employed for 15 years with the NFL International and NFL Europe. He continues to work with the NFL and the Jacksonville Jaguars on their British football initiatives, and also heads up the Jacksonville Football Academy in the UK, whilst running a sports consultancy business specialising in American football development in the UK. His knowledge and experience is an asset to the academy.

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