What does a Guinea Pig & REVISION have in common?

It's natural to feel stressed out by the thought of remembering everything you've learnt in the last few years. Being tested on your knowledge with a clock ticking can often make you feel like a guinea pig in a lab, but the funny thing is - behaving like a guinea pig when revising can make exam preparation easier than you think - read more



Exercise? It’s a massage for my mind!

As I exercised I could feel those “feel good" hormones – endorphins - being released in my body; this calmed my anxiety, reduced the feeling of stress and lifted my mood, especially during the GCSE and A Level exams when my brain was being tested; exercise gave me a welcome break from revision - read on



No vote - no say on your future

I did feel voting was my chance to have my voice heard, but couldn’t work out what difference it would REALLY make to my life.

I thought politics was complicated; reading manifestos sounded as interesting as reading through the terms and conditions on my phone contract. All I could think was; I’d like to vote, but didn't know who to vote for - read on