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The NFL Academy is a unique programme giving aspiring young American football players and outstanding athletes the opportunity to gain a full-time education while developing their skills and knowledge of the game.

Open to young people aged between 16 to 19 years old (on August 31st of that academic year) studying at Barnet and Southgate College.

How to apply - follow instructions below and fill in the form

Create a carousel post on your Instagram feed consisting of 4 videos:

40 Yard Dash:
Find somewhere that is safe and within your government guidelines and ideally somewhere flat, and from a standing start sprint roughly 40 yards (or as far as is possible up to 40 yards).

Not possible? Show us your highlights from another sport if you have them.

Video/Slide 2 - AGILITY
Short Shuttle:
Set up a marker/cone in the middle and set one marker either side of this central one 5 yards away. Start in the middle facing forward and sprint to a marker on one side, touch it, then sprint to the far marker on the other side, before sprinting back through the middle.


Broad Jump:
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Arms up in the air. Begin exercise by swinging your arms back behind your body as you bend your knees and push your hips back.

Swing arms forward as you drive your feet into the ground, push hips forward, and explode off the ground jumping as far forward as you can. Land on your feet and drop back down into the starting position. 


Video/Slide 4 - ATHLETICISM 

This is your chance to really show us what you can do! Share highlights from other sports, film yourself doing ladder work, box jumps or press ups for example. Get creative! This is your chance to show off your and show us what you’ve got!

Make sure you:

  • Tag @NFLAcademy in the post
  • Use the hashtag #JoinNFLAcademy
  • set your posts to 'public' so we can see your videos

If you do not wish to post your content publicly, you may choose to submit an unlisted/private video link
(Note: cannot be password protected)

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Privacy Notice

By submitting your video entry to NFL Academy via your public profile on Instagram you grant the NFL and Barnet and Southgate College an irrevocable right to use these images or videos in their original state or altered for the purposes of promoting the NFL, NFL Academy and Barnet and Southgate College.