Whether your son or daughter is seeking to follow an academic or vocational route, progress to higher education, enhance their job prospects or they just want to continue their education, Barnet and Southgate College will have a course to suit their needs.

College provides that necessary bridge to university or employment; broadening your child’s outlook, giving them the chance to meet a new set of peers in a more mature and independent environment, it also offers a broad range of support mechanisms via student services at each College Campus.

We have set up a Facebook page just for parents - please follow us to get advice and information about the college, and to ask any questions you may have. Click here

Our central aim is to prepare students for higher education or the world of work, whilst at the same time providing a warm and friendly atmosphere in which to learn. We are one of the largest colleges in north London, providing a wide range of academic and vocational courses, many of which are directly linked to local employers and universities. And our curriculum is as diverse as our students; from GCSEs and A Levels to professional qualifications and Higher Education, from basic maths and literacy to vocational training, in everything from construction to hairdressing.

The College actively encourages and helps students to be independent and responsible for their own future success; receiving expert guidance on potential career options, further education and employment opportunities. Our wide range of higher level and professional courses means that your child also has future progression opportunities within the College if it suits them better to stay within their local, friendly environment rather than university. Come along to one of our open days, ask any questions, or find out more about a particular course.

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It is so confusing out there, how can you advise your child on the best route for them? There seem to be so many options and so much choice; but much of it is misunderstood. There are mainly three different routes your child could take - each one could lead to university or employment:


Barnet and Southgate College offers a range of qualification and training options and is experienced in delivering all of the routes above.



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